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2017 Update!

Hi fam.

Sorry I’ve been M.I.A from this blog while my @healthyandhomie Instagram has been very active (make sure you follow me!). New Years resolution is to try to keep this up here too 😘

These are some of my favorites from the last two months:

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Dallas Diary

So, a couple months back, my husband saw this video…. And hasn’t stopped talking about it since. When we saw that there were cheap flights to Dallas (1.5 hrs north of where this video took place, Waco), we booked the flights and said – screw it, let’s go.
It was insane (and painful) being thrown into the water hahah.

As you know, I like to cook healthy and eat well. I also enjoy weekend dinner and drink outings. But it’s all about balance. If I know I’ll be having a couple drinks Friday night, I’ll skip dessert at dinner and drink light beer through the evening. If I’m really craving a meal I know is heavy, I’ll probably drink a couple drinks (or not any) to not be excessive. I’m also not traveling every weekend; if I was, that’d be a different story. All in all, its about balance.

Same applies this weekend, but in a city we’ve never been to! I won’t share a list of every single little thing I’ve eaten in this post, but I’ll share interesting foods and fun spots along the way.

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Bar Method Training in Atlanta

Last week I traveled to Atlanta for Bar Method instructor training, so I wanted to share my amazing experience with you! This all kind of happened quickly, but I have been taking Bar Method classes for the last 2.5 years. When the opportunity to get trained to be an instructor came up, I jumped at it. The stars aligned, and my travel and stay were very easy to plan. It was meant to be!

IMG_20150612_224044 Packed 7 days worth of spandex and tanks, which I love to wear. I mean, who doesn’t? 😉 I bought a few new tights and tops at Old Navy and Target. Good quality and great deals, if you’re looking for where to buy. bar method training 1 The Bar Method-East Cobb studio in Atlanta was wonderful. They were all so welcoming! Thank you for hosting us, Melissa; it was a pleasure spending the week with you guys.

bar method training 2

My entire week was spent with these 10 ladies. From memorizing and studying to teaching and demoing and adjusting – we learned so much! We still have 6 months of post-training to go, but this week was amazingly intense learning loads of information. class with Jena In addition to the training, I made it a point to take class Saturday and Monday through Thursday (still pulling my weight for the Bar Method Miami #juneattendancechallenge – go team Gray!). I took 2 classes with Jena, one with our trainer Jen, one with Mary and one with Kathleen. It was awesome seeing how another studio teaches their classes. Plus, after sitting on the floor all week during training, taking class helped me stretch out my back and warm up my muscles. I don’t know what I would do without barre classes. Makes me feel so good (mentally and physically, always)!

Being away from home for a whole week can be dangerous to your dietary regimen. Don’t fall into the trap of “letting loose” and going all out with each meal. I wanted to share what I ate throughout the week to influence your future meals when away for more than a couple days. Most restaurants either cook unhealthy meals that give me a stomach ache or even if it’s cooked “healthy” the portions still lead to you eating 800+ calories on your plate; therefore, my focus was to continue eating nutritious meals while keeping healthy portions. Continue reading

Disney Weekend

I really focus on eating healthy, obviously. But I believe more in having a healthy balance. It’s not about restrictions and rules; it’s about balancing the good and the bad. On a weekend like this one, I enjoyed a number of drinks and treats in Disney World with friends. And that’s okay!
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