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Peppered-up Barley with Baked Chicken Thigh 

Simple & yummy!!

– Cooked Trader Joe’s 10 minute Barley in boiling water

– Baked boneless skinless chicken thighs in the oven. 

– Cooked chopped shishito peppers, red bell pepper, green onions and shallots. 


Chicken-Avocado-Salad Pita

This doesn’t look at good as it tastes – but omg #YUMMY & #HEALTHY 👌🏼 try it out! It is a Chicken/Avocado-Salad Pita. Recipe inspired by @kalynskitchen. Mmmmm.. Cooked (& chopped) boneless chicken chicken thigh, 2 Hass Avocados, fat free mayo, chopped black olives, minced cilantro and lime juice mixed and put into an oat pita. 

Santa Fe Chicken Pita

Yes, I’m recovered and back to cooking. 

I ended up (accidentally) missing some of the ingredients of the recipe I was following (like black beans), but I used some substitutes (diced tomatoes and ricotta) and baaaam 💥still came out so delicious! #skinnymexican 

Oat pita topped with chopped boneless skinless chicken thigh, sliced olives, low fat sour cream, salsa, skim shredded cheese, diced tomatoes, and ricotta cheese baked at 350 degrees.