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2017 Update!

Hi fam.

Sorry I’ve been M.I.A from this blog while my @healthyandhomie Instagram has been very active (make sure you follow me!). New Years resolution is to try to keep this up here too 😘

These are some of my favorites from the last two months:

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October Update

So I was out of commission last week recovering from my surgery (where they changed out my defibrillator – all good, battery was just up). 

Thankfully, Mr. Chong cared for me and made me yummy foods while I couldn’t use my left arm much (& I’m left handed, hello!)

And I had some visitors….

On my way to a quick recovery!

Post- Hurricane MatthewΒ 

If you are stuck at home and stocked up with a bunch of snacks, tell me you don’t go nuts and eat tons of garbage. That is what happened yesterday! ​​​So today waking up post hurricane scare, decided to have a healthy smoothie and give myself a plan of things to do for my day to not feel like a total bum. 


Worked out at home with my fav exercise – bar method obv!