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Back at it again…

​​​…with them pretzels! After a month off 😱 (between the week and a half off to rest my hip flexors & the 2 1/2 weeks off in recovery of changing my defibrillator), I started back up in taking class. Aaaaaand I started with a bar move class 😳 yea, I know. Insane. I feel like my muscles (particularly my abs) totally forgot how to work or that they have any use whatsoever hahaha. Just need to keep it up until they are back to being useful and as strong as they used to be.  

I’m always afraid of taking a break from exercising for this very reason – the fear of losing my mojo. It’s hard to get back into it when everything in class becomes so hard to do. But a friend once told me it’s ok (if anything, it’s good) to take breaks in order to give your body rest and then work hard to get yourself back to that place you were at once again. Just got to push yourself to doing that. So here’s to that… #cheers

I took Susan Lee’s Bar Move class but in the studio next door. I was a little worried if I was going to be unable to do some stuff due to my surgery recovery, but for the most part it was fine and I was able to do all the exercises (or modify when appropriate). πŸ‘πŸΌ



Post- Hurricane MatthewΒ 

If you are stuck at home and stocked up with a bunch of snacks, tell me you don’t go nuts and eat tons of garbage. That is what happened yesterday! ​​​So today waking up post hurricane scare, decided to have a healthy smoothie and give myself a plan of things to do for my day to not feel like a total bum. 


Worked out at home with my fav exercise – bar method obv!


Barre Babes

I miss this girl at the Bar Method! She is the whole reason I got into it in the first place. And look at where I am at now – 4 years later still a BM girl and now even an instructor. I hope you come to more classes, Carolina!  πŸ˜˜πŸ’œ 


July 2016

Starting off the weekend right at my favorite spot. Next week I’ll be teaching each evening πŸ‘― so come barre with!! πŸ’œβœŒπŸΌοΈ #LiftThatBooty #barmethod #foldover #gluteusmaximus #barre #exercise #healthy #healthylife #healthylifestyle #healthyandhomie #yay #healthybalance #toning #toneitup #barmethodmiami