2017 Update!

Hi fam.

Sorry I’ve been M.I.A from this blog while my @healthyandhomie Instagram has been very active (make sure you follow me!). New Years resolution is to try to keep this up here too 😘

These are some of my favorites from the last two months:

Sesame Orange Chicken with Basmati Rice

One of my usuals – tacos! This time with Oaxaca Chicken from Trader Joes, shishito peppers, corn salsa, grape tomatoes on corn tortillas.tacos.jpg

This Honey Mustard Cornflake Chicken was also a huge hit!

These eggs in the cloud were magnificent!



Asian Chicken Wraps – omgggg one of my favs, for real!

We traveled to Charleston, South Carolina where the food was excellent!! 😲😍😭

Then the holidays came which are always so fun!



Tried out this Cranberry Vanilla Custard Pie =O So goood!!

Oh, did I mention we also went to Canada? Montreal was beaaaautiful. A true winter wonderland (with many yummy treats).

OMG these smoked meat sandwiches from Schwartz and ham & brie crepes were to die for.

And we celebrated the new year too!

One of the things we weren’t able to try was some Canadian meat pie -> so I went ahead and tried it myself 🙂 so yummy!

And then a couple weekends ago, we went to St. Petersburg which was soooo nice for a day! I had no idea – there’s a bunch of cute restaurants and bars.
st pete.jpg

We actually went to meet this guy – so he’ll be coming home with us next week 🙂 meet Jasper!

Well, it was nice catching up with you! I’ll be sure to be more on top of my posts – but be sure to follow me on Instagram to check out my daily stories.



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